MediaHospital® is a multimedia platform under continuous development, up to now specifically dedicated to respiratory, neuro-cognitive and motor rehabilitation, but able to be adapted to multiple pathological conditions. For patient, professional and hospital.

Main strenghts are:

  • multi-dimensional approach to patient’s self-care education and rehabilitation

  • friendly and easy to use

  • different levels of exercises

  • clinical intelligence

  • integration with the hospital information system and electronic medical record

  • independence from hardware technologies

  • tailor-made in collaboration with clinical staff

  • low-budgeting

  • compliance to the rehabilitation plan

  • can be autonomously used at patient's home.

Bearing in mind the physical situation, the psychological state and the specific conditions of each patient suffering from the most different diseases that often require a long-term rehabilitation period, the MediaHospital® platform offers a product specifically designed to meet the needs of each individual.
The patient, in fact, within the healthcare facility, has at his/her disposal simple and engaging multimedia exercises, specially designed to be modularized and customized according to his/her specific needs. He/she learns about these tools and use them in hospital and, once at home, he/she finds the same simple and intuitive technologies.
At the same time, the healthcare professional (doctor, therapist) is able to remotely monitor the progress of the therapy, both in real time or in deferred mode, and to remotely intervene to the definition of an ad hoc rehabilitation pathway, reducing patients’ presence in hospital (efficiency dimension) and maintaining a high service quality and a continuous and stimulating rehabilitation program (effectiveness dimension).