Short-term care
Long-term care
Education Instructive videos
aimed at providing
useful knowledge
to reinforce learning
and Motor rehabilitation
Videos in which a physiotherapist offers tailor-made physiotherapy exercises supporting the patient during their execution
Neuro-cognitive rehabilitation Specific exercises
for cognitive functions training as: memory, attention,
Hospitalization management Applications to
simplify the disease management (patients)
and the rehabilitation pathway (professionals
and health facilities
Electronic Medical Record


The MediaHospital® platform provides a multimedia path of awareness, involvement and education of the individuals. It is an easy, safe and always available system providing useful medical healthcare information. It promotes mindfulness about healthy lifestyles and other potentially disease-connected issues that may have a strong impact on patient’s life.

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Short or Long-term care

MediaHospital® is a multimedia platform designed to support the process of rehabilitation of patients affected by short or long-term pathological conditions or diseases.

It allows:

  • patients to access contents specifically designed for treating his/her pathological condition both in hospital and at home. Those contents are customizable and adaptable according to patients’ specific needs;

  • healthcare professionals (doctors, therapists) to remotely monitor the progress of the therapy and to re-define the treatment plan when and if necessary.

Main features of the platform are:

  • accessible both online and offline;

  • interactive and developed to adapt itself to the touchscreen technology;

  • user friendly and supported by a color guide for each subject area.

Additionally, during hospitalization MediaHospital® platform will facilitate following information:

the hospital structure and pre-admission steps

which services are available during hospitalization and discharge.

The contents:

Edu-care: tutorial videos for a better understanding of the disease

Respiratory and Motor Rehabilitation: demo videos of different rehabilitation techniques

Neuro-Cognitive Rehabilitation: laboratories for cognitive functions training to enrich the rehabilitation process

Management of hospital stay: specific support for both patients and healthcare professionals.

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Electronic Medical Record (EMR)

The EMR is a tool that accompany patients during their treatment program from entrance to discharge, and clinicians at every moment of their role within the healthcare facility, documenting the whole story.

It is covered by professional secrecy as containing sensitive data that compels the highest protection.
It is a computerized system that enables real-time availability of data related to diagnostic and therapeutic procedures, systematic evaluation of the clinical risk, resources and technologies, and patient satisfaction.
It is also a tool that offers opportunities for transparency and knowledge, providing healthcare professionals and patients details of the clinical and instrumental therapies performed and implemented.
Although it is compulsory by Italian law, not all healthcare facilities are provided yet. Additionally, there are several suppliers of EMR in the market place.
Given the different situations existing within the national health system, the different pace of adoption and the variability of the structures final choices, there are three possible scenarios:

  1. the healthcare facility does not have the EMR: it can still use the platform MediaHospital®. Thanks to an integrated system of clinical intelligence, in fact, it is absolutely independent and able to function without the support of such system;

  2. healthcare facility is equipped with the EMR: the MediaHospital® platform is able to integrate itself with any EMR provider;

  3. healthcare facility is not equipped with an EMR yet and wants to be: it can always contact MediaHospital® since, in addition to its products, MediaHospital® is able to support healthcare facilities during the transition phase from “analog to digital”, offering services of coaching, training and guidance to the use of EMR.